September Reading List Day Seven: “Fight Club” by Chuck Palaniuk

Fight Club (Image)

The fact that my English teacher, Mr. Sabatini, made Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club a part of the curriculum my senior year proves he is the coolest teacher alive. A thrilling piece that inspired that inspired the classic film, the book follows an unnamed protagonist working in corporate America who is so numb he attends support groups for conditions he doesn’t have in order to just feel something. However, his neatly compacted existence is shaken to it’s very core when he crosses paths with the mysterious Tyler Durden, and the two establish a “fight club,” a place where young men engage bare-knucked brawls for sport. Soon, he finds himself caught up in the middle Tyler’s anti-consumerist agenda to take down modern society. Written with minimal detail in a stream of conscious style, Fight Club is one of those books that will have you questioning what’s real and what’s not right up until the very last page.

What are your thoughts on today’s selection? Share your thoughts below! Also tweet your favorite books to @WriteForBoots and I’ll retweet them!


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