September Reading List Day Six: “Without You” by Anthony Rapp

Without You (Image)

As a self-proclaimed Renthead, Anthony Rapp’s powerful and beautifully written memoir Without You, about his time starring in Rent, is always at the top of my favorite nonfiction reads. Rapp, who originated the role of filmmaker and story narrator, gives readers a look at the little workshop production that became a Broadway phenomenon. One of the most interesting aspects is Rapp’s memories of the show’s creator Jonathan Larson, who passed away suddenly the night before Rent opened, giving us some insight into the creative process behind the final product. Having been a member of the production from the beginning, he recollects how all of the rehearsals, the music, the story and the message affected his life personally and professionally. Rapp also reveals that, while he was gaining success in his career, his private life was slowly crumbling. He opens up about his mother’s battle with, his tumultuous relationship with his boyfriend at the time, and his issues handling all of the stress and pressure of fame coupled with his emotional turmoil. Heartwarming and heartbreaking, Without You is Rapp’s journey of professional success, personal tragedies and triumphs, and the musical Rent that became a part of who he is.

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