“Hard Out Here for a Pimp”: “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Episode 8 Recap

This week on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Johnny plays matchmaker for Gigi and a guy who’s closer to her age (and not Flash), while Bam Bam and Rehab get creative and start their own musical genre.

Gigi, Ava and Johnny make plans to go out out dancing after rehearsal, but Gig gets frustrated when Flash would rather watch Game of Thrones than go out with her. Before they can head out, Bam Bam and Rehab confront the others, saying they want an equal split of the cash like the members of U2. However, when the guys can’t name U2’s bass player or drummer, Johnny tells them no deal. Later, on the way to the bar, Gigi expresses her frustrations with Flash, and Johnny calls him old. Gigi counters that other rockstars and their girlfriends have the same age gap, and Johnny gets a way too much TMI when Gigi lets it slip that she and Flash have gotten more intimate and are thinking of going all the way. At the bar with manager Ira, the girls catch a glimpse of Ira’s latest find: the gorgeous lead singer of his new norm-core band Jim who also happens to be about Gigi’s age. When the girls step away, Johnny asks Ira why Gigi won’t date a guy like that, so Ira gives him some parenting advice. If Johnny wants Gigi out of Flash’s arms and into Jim’s, he needs to make it look like he approves of Flash and doesn’t approve of Jim. Gigi will rebel and go after Jim.

During a gig at the bar, Johnny slides up to Jim’s table and, after yet another round of no one knows who Johnny is, he asks Jim if he will date his daughter. He tells him to go up to her after the show  and ask her out, but he can’t mention that he talked to Johnny. Jim’s bandmate Mike feels there are some major red flags, but Jim seems intrigued by our favorite rock goddess. When Jim and Mike go on, Flash leaves, and Johnny kicks his plan into high gear by poking fun at Jim and saying his music sucks. Surprisingly enough, it seems to work and Gigi and Jim have a fun night out after the gig. Meanwhile, inspired by Jim and Mike’s new norm-core sound, Rehab suggests to Bam Bam that they start their own two-person band as a screw-you to Johnny and Flash and so they can get all of the cash. When Bam Bam tells him revenge and money aren’t what it’s all about, Rehab promises that all the food backstage is for him, and Bam Bam is in.

In the morning, Jim shows up to pick up Gigi. Ava expresses concerns about about Johnny’s whole scheme. She says he has no clue how long Gigi and Jim will last and that Flash is going to freak when he finds out. Johnny brushes her off, and, when Jim comes into the loft, the two have a fake argument for Gigi to overhear. Gigi comes out of her room and tells her dad to lay off Jim, before pulling Jim in for a kiss one into her room. While Johnny’s matchmaking scheme seems to be going great, Rehab and Bam Bam’s quest to create their own genre is not faring as well. Rehab’s idea is to name the band three dolphin clicking sounds-the literal sounds- and to do song with out words. He calls the new genre beast-core, songs comprised of drums, bass, and guttural animal noises and sounds.

Johnny finds Flash in the studio, who expresses concerns about Gigi hanging out with Jim. Flash confronts Johnny, telling him that he saw him go up to Jim during the gig. Johnny tries to brush it off, but Flash isn’t having any of it. He calls him out for lying, but Johnny tells him it’s not his fault Flash is old and wants to stay in to watch television. Johnny says Gigi is all about a new show and that show is young, dumb Jim. Flash runs out and calls Gigi while she’s out shopping with Jim. She tells him she can’t talk and she’ll call him tomorrow. She goes out for another wild night with Jim, who stays the night.

The next morning, the gang gathers in the loft for breakfast. Johnny seems pleased with his work, but Ira has issues he needs to discuss with them about Jim. As it turns out, Jim is a mini-Johnny in the making. He reveals that his two-person band originally had for members, but the other two quit because he slept with their girls. He also tells them that he keeps screwing up opportunities, because it makes him like he’s cool and not a sellout. His biggest red flag is that, after seeing Bam Bam and Rehab’s gig which turns out to be a success despite being really odd and makes beast-core a thing, Jim claims he started beast-core and that the guys are stealing his animal essence. (Much like Johnny did back in the day with out artists. Ira tells Gigi that sometimes girls are attracted to men that remind them of their fathers, but Gigi denies it. Then, Jim emerges from her room. Much like Johnny he drinks the orange juice directly out of the carton, pours a glass of juice mixed with liquor, and hen plops down in a chair and lets out a loud burp. Johnny can’t deny the prove any longer and is shocked that Gigi is basically dating him. Gigi freaks out, and poor Jim needs Ava to explain it. He then freaks out and lets it slip that Johnny told Jim to hook up with her. Gigi locks herself in her room, forcing Johnny to enlist the help of the only person how can get through to her: Flash. Johnny asks Flash to please date his daughter, and he agrees, taunting him with a song about how is with Gigi again.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released.

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