Get Ready for the Will Write For Boots September Reading List!

Girl reading in white dress in fall (Image)

While I was studying at my alma mater DeSales University, my favorite writing professor Juilene Osborne-McKnight always loved to say we, as humans, crave stories. We want characters we can relate to and fall in love with. We want plots that are journeys we can go on and not just a series of events. We want to know the struggles of those who have come before us or we admire, so we can kern from them. For centuries, books have been our go-to source to satisfy these desires. They allow us to live many different lives, exist in many different lands, and challenge us to see the world from many different points of view. They have the power to teach us, inspire us and, in some cases, change us.

I have decided to spend the next thirty days sharing with you some of my favorite books. Each day, I’ll post about a different title that I have fallen in love with over the years. Much like my own bookshelf, the complete list is a smattering of genres, a mix of fiction and nonfiction, and a blend of age levels. It is a collection of books that I have discovered, both on my own and through amazing teachers. My hope is that you’ll find your next page-turner to dive into or rediscover an old favorite.

Happy reading!

The September Reading List is dedicated to the following teachers who have introduced me to some of my favorite books and inspired and encouraged my passion for writing:

Mr. Sabatini, my high school English teacher for freshman, sophomore and senior years, who introduced me to several of my favorite books, inspired me to pursue writing, and taught me there is always greater meaning to things if you look hard enough.

Ms. McKnight, my advisor and favorite writing professor at DeSales University, who helped me discover my voice as a writer, challenged me to constantly develop my craft to level she knew I could achieve, and always encouraged me to never give up and believed in my talent.

Dr. Myers, my poetry professor at DeSales University, who gave me a new appreciation for poetry and actually made me like writing it after hating it since middle school.

Dr. Corbo, my main communications/journalism professor at DeSales University, who helped me develop and polish my journalism skills, taught me the importance of ethical reporting, and never let me settle for doing mediocre work when she know I was capable of others.

Thank you.


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