“SupercalifragilisticJuliefriggingAndrews”: “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Episode 7 Recap

This week on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Gigi get’s introduced to her grandmother and learns how Mary Poppins ruined both her father’s childhood and her grandmother’s career.

Johnny gets a call from his mother Elizabeth (Gilmore Girls’ Kathy Bishop) with two pieces of news: She has cancer and s getting remarried. She suckers her son into getting his band to play at the reception and provides them with a less than rock-and-roll set list that is made up of Billy Joel, the BeeGees and Celine Dion. However, Gigi notices that Johnny seems less than thrilled about spending time with his mother. She asks the band why there seems to be so much animosity between the two. The band reveals that Elizabeth, once a rising Broadway star, was originally chosen to play the title role in Mary Poppins but was recast with Julie Andrews as she was pregnant with Johnny at the time. Andrews went on to win an Oscar, while Elizabeth went on to star in one failed show after another leading her to resent her only child.

Rocking some seriously 1970s inspired clothing, the band rehearses for the reception, where Gigi meets her grandmother and Johnny meets his stepfather-to-be Jeremy. Elizabeth immediately takes a liking to her granddaughter and drops another bomb on the gang: she’s filming a documentary about her life. Directed by Jeremy, it will follow the couple through their wedding day to the opening night of Elizabeth’s one-woman show. She sees this show as her ticket to a Tony. However, she’s not about to let Johnny be a part of it, telling him he’s not on the list of interviewees for the film as he’s not famous.

Later at the wedding, Gigi and Johnny reconnect with Johnny’s dad Ted, a former sax player who is now a doctor. He advise Gigi to ditch her dreams of stardom for something more stable. He tells Gigi that Julie Andrews was picked to play Mary Poppins, because she was the bigger singer. This isn’t the only revelation of the night. As father and daughter do a little last-minute prepping, Flash comes in and tells them Jeremy hit on him after his documentary interview. Johnny and Gigi confront Jeremy who openly admits that the wedding for convenience and that he is, in fact, gay although he does love Elizabeth. He tells the pair that Elizabeth is getting her own play, documentary and arm candy for events, and that when you’ve been in the business this long, you’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead.

Gigi and Ava go and confront Elizabeth about her treatment of Johnny. Gigi says her blaming Johnny for her failed career is petty and sad. Elizabeth counters that she never blamed Johnny, but rather Julie Andrews. However, Ava points out that she still took out her anger on Johnny since Julie Andrews wasn’t around. Gigi and Johnny take to the stage and perform the song Johnny penned for the occasion. Not one to be upstaged, even by her granddaughter, Elizabeth grabs the mic and bursts out into on of the songs from her one-woman show. As she sings the band joins Ted at his table and he drops the final bomb of the night: Elizabeth does not have cancer. The band shares a laugh over her ridiculous behavior. Later that night, the band walks Ted home. Flash praises Johnny for taking the high road and making an attempt to reconcile with his mother. As they stand on Ted’s stoop, the hear music coming from inside. They look in the window and watch as Ted plays his sax. Johnny wonders out lout if they could see themselves at that age with a couple of drinks in them play music for the shear love of it. Gigi says she can, only her mantle will be lined with awards.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released. 

Baby It’s Late


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