Spotted: Etsy Finds Inspired by “Gossip Girl’s” Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf Quote (Image)

Serena van der Woodsen may have been Gossip Girl’s it-girl, but we all know it was really Blair Waldorf who ran the Upper East Side. Fierce, smart and cunning, she knew how to manipulate, scheme and backstab with the best of them to get what she wanted. However, under her tough exterior, she possessed a fragility and a burning desire for someone to love her for her. Even in the books the show was based on, she was my favorite character, because, unlike some of the other ones, she had layers and was determined to achieve all the goals she set for herself. Sure, sometimes life would knock her down, but Blair would always pick up her Prada, dust off her Dior, and keep on going in her Jimmy Choos. (Plus, she was a petite brunette like me.) We all may have wanted Serena’s wardrobe, but we all wanted to be Blair.

Harness your own inner Queen B with some of these stylish items from Etsy that are dedicated to our favorite member of New York’s privileged population. (Blair would definitely approve.)

1. What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Travel Mug

Carry this as a daily reminder of the most important question you should always ask yourself.

What Would Blair Do travel mug (What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Travel Mug, $20.00, TheTrendySparrow)

2. Miss Waldorf Pearl Necklace

Infuse a little Queen B into your wardrobe with this pearl necklace inspired by the our favorite timeless trendsetter.

Miss Waldorf necklace (Miss Waldorf Pearl and Skeleton Key Necklace, $42.00, FiorellaJewelry)

3. You’re the Blair to My Serena Card

Tell your best friend just how fabulous you think she is.

Blair to my Serena card (You’re the Blair to My Serena Card, $4.50, ShopMadz)

4. Live Like Blair Waldorf Top

The stylish top is the perfect way to show off your allegiance to Team B.

Live Like Blair top (Live Like Blair Waldorf Off Shoulder Top, $29.99, foxandcloverboutique)

5. Gold Rope Headband

If Blair fought us anything about fashion it’s that the perfect headband can elevate any ensemble.

Gossip Girl Headband (Gossip Girl Inspired Gold Nautical Rope Headband, $25.00, tracygrove)

6. Gossip Girl Life Lessons Travel Cup

For the days when you need inspiration from Blair’s whole crew.

Gossip Girl Crew travel cup (Gossip Girl Travel Cup, $14.00, GetVinylized)

7. Future Blair Waldorf Baby Outfit

Kids are never to young to learn.

Blair Baby outfit (Future Blair Waldorf Baby One Piece, $23.00, TheFancyDetail)

8. What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Pencils

Share the wisdom of Blair Waldorf with your entire office.

Blair Pencils (What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Pencils, $15.87 for 12 ea gift-boxed, PobbleandPing)

9. Blair and Chuck Silhouette Wall Art

Blair would definitely hang these chic silhouettes in her Upper East Side abode.

Blair and Chuck wall art (Blair and Chuck Say It and I’m Yours Poster, $30.00, sealhouette)

10. Blair Quote Print

Because Blair really does give the best advice.

Blair Waldorf quote print (Blair Waldorf Quote Print, $4.00, goldblushstudio)


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