“Tattoo You”: “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Episode 6 Recap

This week on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, Johnny’s facing his fear of needles to get some ink for his favorite ladies, while Gigi finds herself facing down a visit from her mom.

Gigi shows off her new Johnny Rock tattoo to Ava and Johnny. Their conversation gets interrupted by an unexpected guest: Cat, Gigi’s mom and former backup singer for The Heathens. After getting over the initial shock of seeing her mother, Gigi shows her her new tattoo. When Johnny expresses hesitation over getting a one for his daughter, Cat shows him the Gigi tattoo on her wrist and Ava flashes her Johnny tattoo. Johnny tries to play off as he’s being original being an non-tattooed rocker, but Cat reveals he just afraid of needles. However, the conversation turns sour when Gigi notices some ink on Cat’s hip that looks identical to to the symbol on Flash’s guitar. Gigi confronts her mother, and Cat admits that she fooled around with Flash back in the day. Gigi accuses Cat of trying to steal her boyfriend and reveals that they have yet to seal the deal and sleep together. Cat tells her she’s there to to prevent her from making a mistake that could ruin her career as sex within a band rarely ever works out. She heads down to the studio, with Johnny in tow, to prove her point that Flash will go for her over her younger daughter.

Gigi calls Flash who says he never slept with Cat, but she hangs up on him after he asks if her mother still looks good. Meanwhile, down in the studio, Cat catches up with Flash, Bam Bam, Rehab and Ira, where the the tattoo conversation continues when Flash shows off the his Heathens tattoo. Cat shares that she’s been writing songs for other artists like Sheryl Crow. It’s a career that allows her to be involved with music, but it lets her have the small-town life she loves with out the pressure of the spotlight. She plays them a new song she wrote that made her think of Flash. However, Gigi is pissed when she walks in with Ava to find her mother and her boyfriend getting a little too close for comfort on the piano bench. She kicks the band out of the studio and drags Flash out in the hallway to confront him. She asks him if he wants to sleep with her mother, and he says no that Cat is an older version of Gigi. He asks her her if she ever feels like he’s too old for her and she admits that she’s questioned the age difference a few times. However, when Flash tells her he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to Cat, Gigi smashes Flash’s guitar before storming out.

Downstairs in the loft, Ava and Cat are having a confrontation of sorts, one that involves hashing out issues while trading complements and style tips. Ava tells her she’s breaking Gigi’s heart and that her a Gigi have become really close almost like a surrogate mother or best friend. Cat tells Ava that she’s close to Gigi because she’s not her mom and, that as her real mom. “Gigi is my song. You’re getting all the royalties.” Cat is just trying to keep history from repeating itself, and she doesn’t have the luxury of being Gigi’s friend like Ava. Johnny takes Ava to dinner, they share a heart-to-heart about Gigi and Flash. Gigi tells him she likes Flash and doesn’t know how long she will feel this way. She is just going with how she feels. Johnny promises to work on himself and tells Gigi can pick where he gets a tattoo of her name. Cat and Flash work on a song in the studio. The session quickly turns into a conversation about Gigi. Cat tells him she’s just a baby and that someone her age is more their speed. After some lighthearted banter, Flash asks if Cat is playing the piano or him.

Back at the loft, Johnny shows off his new tats on his ass, one for Gigi and one for Ava, to the rest of the band. Flash comes in and has a reveal of his own: Gigi tat on his ass. However, Cat notices some odd spacing and makes out the faint out line of two letter a’s. Flash admits that he did get a Gaga tattoo while he was playing on her tour. Cat asks Gigi if she really wants Lady Gaga’s leftovers. Gigi says tells her mother that “he wanted Gaga and now he wants me. That’s some pretty exclusive company if you ask me.” Cat resigns herself to the fact Gig and Flash need to make their own own mistakes, and bids adieu to her former bandmates. As she and Gigi share their goodbyes, Gigi’s Johnny tat is revealed to be a fake after Cat smudges it. Johnny asks her about it, and she tells him she got a henna tattoo because she wan’t ready to commit to him until she was sure was committed to her.She says she’s waiting until she feels safe and that she’s sure their relationship as father and daughter is going to last. This does’t mean that Johnny Rock’s daughter is going to to say an ink virgin for long. She plans on getting a flaming dice tattoo on her hip.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released.

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