Jay Crownover Releases the Cover for Her Next Book “Built”

Built book cover (Image)

Hey fellow Jay Crownover fans!

Jay finally released the cover for Built, the first novel in her new Saints of Denver series on her Facebook page earlier today. Tattooed and bearded, the model posing as the novel’s leading men Zeb definitely exudes that sexy, brooding, bad-boy vibe we have come to expect from the guys featured on her covers. (Come on, just look at him!)

The series is a spinoff of her bestselling Marked Men series and features the minor characters our beloved boys from the Marked tattoo shop have interacted with over the years. Built kicks the series off with the story of Zeb Fuller, who was introduced in Nash, and Sayer Cole, who was introduced in Rowdy. On the surface, these two couldn’t be anymore opposite from each other. A man with dark past, Zeb is a blue collar contractor encased in flannel and denim with sawdust under his nails. Sayer, on the other hand, is an attorney on the rise with cool exterior that exudes country club class. With a mutual attraction brewing between them, these two are bound to collide. However, Zeb’s past rears his ugly head, and he finds himself needing her legal expertise in order to save what he’s built. Can these two find a way to make a new start or will the flames destroy their freshly laid foundation?

Unfortunately, we have to wait until January 5,2016 to find out what happens Zeb and Sayer’s story, but at least we have a little something to hold us over.

Can’t wait that long to get your Crownover fix? Check out Crownover’s latest book in her Welcome to the Point series Better When He’s Brave on sale now.


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