“Clean Rockin’ Daddy”: “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Episode 2 Recap

This week on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, the band issues Johnny a challenge to write a song sober for the first time in his career.

After an all night bender in the studio, Johnny produces another hit (“Die Trying”), but the rest of The Heathens are more concerned about his health. his daughter Gigi places a call to their manager Ira who hits Johnny with the hard, cold fine print. The same contract that gave him his nice New York loft and studio space also requires him to write his songs sober. Johnny argues that all the great rock stars wrote their legendary songs under the influence, but the others aren’t backing down.

The band takes it upon themselves to help him quit cold turkey. His girlfriend Ava polishes off the remainder of the wine, guitarist Flash guards the door at night (while taunting Johnny with the idea of him hooking up with Gigi), and drummer Bam Bam shares his favorite new age alternatives for staying sober over a bowl of tater-tots. Plagued with intense writer’s block, Johnny tries and almost scores from pills from bassist Rehab, who carries around a pharmacy’s worth of doctor-prescribed meds, in exchange for listening to his three hour song cycle about the Irish potato famine. However, Gigi storms in and puts the kibosh on the deal. She sits down with Johnny, and admits that, while he missed the first twenty years of her life, she would like him around for the next twenty.

The conversation with Gigi reignites Johnny’s fire, and he’s able to work through his writer’s block to crank out a new song. There’s just one problem: The new song sucks. The Heathens realize Johnny needs at least a few of his vices to tap into his creative genius, and they head out to get him some of his favorites.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released. 

Die Trying


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