Make The Heathens from FX’s Latest Show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” Your New Go-To Band for the Summer

Johnny Rock and Gigi (Image)

Ever wonder what happened to all those bands who were popular for a minute only to become another crash-and-burn Behind the Music special? Need some new rock and roll tracks for the summer? Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, FX’s latest dark comedy, gives viewers a taste of what happens when an aging rocker tries to recapture his glory days in the era of Kim K. and Lady Gaga, and it’s bringing a kick-ass soundtrack along with it.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll stars Dennis Leary (Rescue Me) as Johnny Rock, the former lead singer of the late eighties band The Heathens. Described on the show as “a lazy pothead alcoholic with a…death wish,” it seems like the only gigs he can get are playing in Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi tribute bands. It seems like his luck may be about to change with the arrival of his long lost daughter Gigi, played by Elizabeth Gillies (Victorious). With a take-no-prisoners attitude and sarcastic wit, Gigi is a singer looking make it big, and she’s not afraid to use a little cash and sex appeal to get what she wants. Her goal? Get Johnny and his former bandmate Flash played by John Corbett (Sex and the City) to write her some kick-ass songs, so she can launch her own music career. There is just one problem: Johnny, Flash and the rest of The Heathens can’t stand to be in the same room with each other. Their animosity is so bad that they broke up the day their first album dropped. However, when Gigi starts singing, these dysfunctional former bandmates starts to see that maybe they can have a second chance at the limelight and finding success on their own terms. (They just have to find a way to not kill each other first.)

After just one episode, I am already a huge fan of this show and The Heathens as a band. Not only is the show’s rock and roll docudrama vibe intriguing, the music is amazing. All of the songs are used in the show are filmed live providing a raw sound that’s often lost in this age of pre-recordings and auto tune. A highlight for me is that Elizabeth Gillies gets her chance to show off on tracks that perfectly suit her stunning voice. FX is making sure fans won’t have to wait until the end of the season to download the latest hits from The Heathens as they will be releasing the songs for purchase on iTunes as they air. That’s a new song (or two) every week for the next week.

Because I’m such a huge fan of the show, I’ll be posting the weekly singles here along with some show recaps every week for the rest of the season. Check back every Friday or Saturday for your weekly dose of The Heathens.

For week one, here are the first singles from The Heathens “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll” and “Animal” featured in the Pilot. Check back later this week for the tracks from episode two.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll airs every Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT only FX. All songs are available for purchase on iTunes as they are released.




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