In “Shadowhunters” News: Vampire Leader Raphael Santiago Cast!

David Castro (Image)

We have our werewolf leader Luke, and and now we have our leader of the vampires. According to the Shadowhunters Facebook page, David Castro has been cast in the role of Raphael Santiago, the suave and sometimes ruthless leader of New York’s vampire clan. While he was a secondary but key player in the books, it is unclear how how large a role he will play in the ABC Family series. Judging by the headshot above, Castro definitely fits the image I think a lot of fans of The Mortal Instruments had when the read the books.

ABC Family also started airing quick promos for the show. Although they are only a quick flash of the title emblazoned with “coming in 2016,” these promos, in my opinion, show that the network is invested in making the show a success, as they are already creating a buzz for the upcoming series. At the very least, they make the series more tangible for fans and feeds into the already frenzied anticipation of how these stories and characters will be translated from the page to the screen. With the cast now filming, hopefully we’ll have an official trailer within the next few months.

Keep checking back for Shadowhunters news. I’ll be posting updates as often as I can.

Until next time…

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