“Shadowhunters” News: Clary’s Mom is Cast!

Maxim Roy (Image)

Hey everyone! I’m a little behind on my Shadowhunters news, but there has been another exciting casting update. According to TV Line.com, actress Maxim Roy will be stepping into the role of Jocelyn Fray, the mother of series heroine Clary. A former shadowhunter running from her past, her kidnapping is the catalyst that sets her daughter on the path to discovering her angelic heritage. The Quebec-born actress has appeared in several television shows, including the Canadian dramas Heartland and 19-2, as well as several Canadian films. This announcement marks the completion of most of the key characters in first Mortal Instruments book City of Bones, with the exception of New York Institute caretaker Hodge Starkweather. Could Hodge be casted soon, if at all? Will the rest of the Lightwood family, who don’t appear until book two City of Ashes, be cast this season or will they hold off until season two? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned!


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