101 Words Of Wisdom Day Fifty: Life Lessons From TV’s Greatest Teacher Mr. Feeny

Everything I Learned Mr. Feeny (Image)

Is there any fictional teacher out there greater than Boy Meets World’s Mr. Feeny? For years, we watched him impart many pieces of sage wisdom and advice to Corey and the gang as they went through all the growing pains that come along with adolescence and young adulthood. However, while he was teaching his television students, he was also teaching us viewers about love, life and who we are. Because his beautiful quotes could easily take up a good chunk of the Words of Wisdom challenge all on their own, I decided to combine some of my favorite quotes into one post. Consider this “Mr. Feeny’s Greatest Hits.”

On True Heroism 

Mr. Feeny Hero quote (Image)

True courage is shown when doing the right is the hardest choice we can make.

On Defying Perceptions

Mr. Feeny Perception quote (Image)

Don’t let what others think of you define who you are and what you will be.

On Tough Choices

Feeny No Right Answer Quote(Image)

Life isn’t like a math problem. Sometimes, there is just right solution.

On Changing the World

Mr Feeny Success quote (Image)

Use your intelligence and good heart to become the change you wish to be in the world.

On Love

Mr. Feeny Love quote (Image)

The greatest thing we can experience is love. There is nothing we need to cherish more.

On Friendship

Mr. Feeny Friendship quote (Image)

True friends give of themselves freely without expecting to receive anything in return.

On Living the Best Life Possible

Mr Feeny Dream try do good quote (Image)

Mr Feeny class dismissed (Image)

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