101 Words of Wisdom Day Forty-Five: Life According to Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz quote (Image)

This past weekend I was lucky enough to see former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz give the commencement address at my younger brother’s college graduation. His spirited speech was filled with my pearls of wisdom and life lesson that inspired not only the graduates but the audience as well. Since I could’t pick a singular favorite, here is a collection of several standout quotes that I was able to jot down during his talk.

“There is no right time to do the wrong thing, and there is no wrong time to do the right thing.”

“There are only seven colors in the rainbow. Look at what Michelangelo did with them.”

 “No matter where you are, it’s the choices you make.”

“Whenever you receive credit, pass the recognition along.”

“The significant [thing] is when you help others be successful.”

Lou Holtz Lou Holtz giving the commencement address at the 2015 commencement ceremony at Franciscan University of Steubenville

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