101 Words of Wisdom Day Thirty-Two: Quality Over Quantity

Real friends quote (Image)

Remember when you were younger and the most important thing was how popular you were? In this era of social media, we’ve shifted from how many people sit at your lunch table to how many followers you have on social media.

However, at the end of the day, these superficial mean nothing compared to the ones we form with those real, true friends that are tragically so few and far between. Those are the friends we laugh with, cry with, and can just be ourselves with. They are our secret keepers, advice givers, and safety nets. They celebrate our accomplishments, and, more importantly, they build us back up after life has knocked us down.

So, the next time you’re feeling down about how few “likes” your picture got or having a lower number of followers than others remember this: One amazing real friend is worth so much more than 1,000 Facebook “friends.”

Quality beats quantity every single time.

Share your own words of wisdom or thoughts on the words posted below, on the Facebook page or or tweet to me at @WriteForBoots using the hashtag #WordsOfWisdom101.


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