101 Words of Wisdom Day Seven: Onto Plan “B”

Plan A quote (Image)

Okay, your first plan failed.

I know a thing or two about that. I got rejected from all four grad schools I applied to my senior year of college and then struggled to find a good, full-time position in the recession-riddled economy for almost two years. (I graduated in 2011.) It took some time and my plans changed several times, but, today, I have a great paying day job, started this lovely little blog you’re reading, and have started sketching out plots and characters for a new adult series I want to write. I even do some freelance editing on the side. I am I exactly where I thought I’d be in my life at twenty-five when I graduated four years ago? No, but I’m going to get there. The goal is the same, but the path has been reworked as needed.

Sometimes, your original plan falls apart. That’s okay. Dust yourself off and go back to the drawing board. You’ll eventually figure it out and the the plan that works will be so much more amazing than the original one you had.

It just might take you a few letters.

Share your own words of wisdom or thoughts on the words posted below or or tweet to me at @WriteForBoots using the hashtag #WordsOfWisdom101.


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