101 Words of Wisdom Day One: Let Things Find You


There is a beauty in stumbling upon something unexpected when you need it the most. It enters your realm of consciousness and catches you off guard. It brings a along a new perspective and awakens you to the extraordinary we often overlook in the ordinary. In moments we are lost at sea with no sense of which way to go, it shines like a lighthouse providing comfort, guidance, direction, and promise of a safe harbor.

Something always have a way of finding you, and we all have that thing that has a way of getting to us more than others.

For me, it’s words.

Lines in a book or a song.

A television or movie monologue.

Whispered wisdom from those who have gone before.

Over the 101 days, I want to share with you some of the beautiful words that I have found me over the years. Some have inspired me. Some have awakened my soul. Some have just simply made me think. Along the way, I’ll share some of my favorite images as well.

I encourage you to take the journey with me and leave yourself for something unexpected to find you. It will find you when you will need it to find you.

Like Peyton Sawyer, I believe that.

Share your own words of wisdom or thoughts on the words posted below or or tweet to me at @WriteForBoots using the hashtag #WordsOfWisdom101.


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