Who is “A” on “Pretty Little Liars”? Here are a few guesses…

Pretty Little Liars cast (Image)

After several seasons of trying to figure it out, we’re one day away from finally finding out who is behind the mysterious moniker of “A” on the hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. (Or we will at least get a really big clue to help us figure it out.) The cast and creators have been hinting that once we get the reveal, you’ll be able to go back to season one and be able to link all of the clues from the pilot to the current episodes.

With all the A speculations and theories out there, I decided to share a few of my own. Here’s my list of Rosewood residents we may have a chance of seeing under that infamous black hood.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night to Pretty Little Liars at 8/7c on ABC Family. when all will be revealed. I’ll be live-tweeeting during the east coast premiere @WriteForBoots. Tweet me your A predictions.

1. Mona

Now that we know Mona may have faked her death, could it be that Original A and Big A are one in the same? She spent years being taunted and tortured by Alison while the girls did nothing to help her. Highly intelligent, maniacal and twisted, she’s cunning enough to get the the Liars to trust her enough to let her in only to screw them over in the end.

Mona PLL (Image)

2. Alison

My own personal opinion of Alison: If her lips are moving, she’s lying. She may not have killed Mona, but she’s far from the innocent and who knows what she really did during her time on the run. A master manipulator with a cold cruel heart, she only looks out for number one, and I wouldn’t put it past her to destroy her friend lives if it means getting something she wants.

Alison PLL (Image)

3. Toby

Sure, Toby is Spencer’s guy and Spoby has a pretty devoted following, but he’s been acting pretty shady as of late. He’s no stranger to Team A, and he has tumultuous history with Alison that includes her blinding his step-sister. Plus, he has access to places like the jail, Radley and the burn unit. Has Toby’s devotion to Spencer been all an act to infiltrate the Liars and gain their trust? We shall see.

Toby PLL (Image)

4. Aria

If any of the Liars turn out to be A, my money is on Aria. Compared to the rest of the girls, Aria’s torture at the hands of A has been relatively mild considering Emily’s girlfriend died, Hanna was hit by a car and Spencer was sent to Radley. Add to that her boyfriend had a relationship with Alison and her brother had a relationship with Mona, possibly giving her access to inside intel. (Plus, she is the only Liar to shush and the last one to be shown in the intro.)

Aria PLL (Image)

5. Alison’s Twin

I’m just going to let the picture below speak for itself. After all, we all know nothing in Pretty Little Liars is insignificant, and the Dilaurentis family seems twisted enough to keep a secret this dark.

Twin Theory PLL (Image)


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