Fictional Guy February Day #26: Eliot Spencer from “Leverage”

Eliot Spencer (Image)

There’s something intoxicating about a dangerous man like Eliot Spencer of Leverage. This criminal-turned-Robin-Hood has spent most of his life staying two steps ahead of the law. A skilled fighter and master of hand-to-hand combat, he’s not afraid to get a little blood on his hands, especially if it means protecting his team. However, he’s more than just the muscle. He’s a trained gourmet chef, speaks several languages, and sings and plays guitar. He’s developed gruff and intimidating persona that’s hard to crack, but, once he lets you in, you’re in for the long, crazy ride. The picture above is correct. Eliot really is the perfect compliment to your morning coffee. (Move over bacon!)

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  1. Love Christian Kane’s portrayal of Eliot Spencer. A character as big as Eliot would be easy to overdo, but Christian Kane portrays him just perfectly. Basically, a superhero, Eliot has so many more layers than just tough guy. He’s a friend, a brother, a protector, a chef, a singer/songwriter, a ninja, and a bit of a romantic, all rolled up into one beautifully wrapped package. If you’ve never watched Leverage, do yourself a favor and catch an episode. You’ll be hooked!!

  2. I missed Leverage the whole five years due to my boy’s illness and death – after which my daughter suggested I watch the reruns to get me interested in something (severe depression). My son Gene and I were both crazy about Rambo and other action heroes. Here comes Eliot Spencer, a slightly scaled down version of the average action hero who had more facets to him than the Hope Diamond. I instantly fell in love with the character and had to know more about the man who portrayed him. In February 2014 I became a devoted Kaniac, and the following March I was lucky enough to meet him on the 50-1 tour. If I could have the consummate bad boy in my life I’d go for Eliot Spencer. I think he’s working toward his own redemption. He was the best of Leverage and now he’s the best of the Librarians. Thank you, Christian Kane, for bringing him to life and for bringing me out of the shadows.

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