Fictional Guy February Day #20: John Ross Ewing from “Dallas”

John Ross (Image)

John Ross Ewing from Dallas is all kinds of bad news. He’s a cowboy casanova who is about as slippery as a rattlesnake. He gets drunk off power, has some fidelity issues, and isn’t afraid to use every dirty trick his daddy J.R. taught him. When he wants to be or there’s something in it for him, he can behave and tow line, and he does have a moral compass, abet a a really screwed up one. However, put his back against the wall, and his claws come out strong. When it comes to John Ross, you can never be a hundred percent which side you’re going to get, but the unpredictability is half the fun.

Love John Ross? Comment below or tweet @WriteForBoots #FictionalGuyFebruary and share your thoughts!


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