Fictional Guy February Day #8: Killian “Captain Hook” Jones from “Once Upon a Time”

Hook (Image)

Love rum, the salty sea air, and adventure? Killian “Captain Hook” Jones from Once Upon A Time is the guy you’ve been waiting for. This dashing swashbuckler knows how to get what he wants, and he’s no stranger to getting his hand and hook a little dirty in the process. Rocking black leather and guyliner like a pro, his Irish lilt, quick wit, and charming smile make him as dangerously intoxicating as his favorite brand of spirits. Yet, you can’t help but go awww when he’s outsmarted by his flip-phone or the television remote. After years of wandering the high seas, he’s finally found a port to call home with a makeshift family he would do anything to protect. Old habits die hard, but Hook proves that pirates can be heroes too.

Love Killian? Comment below or tweet @WriteForBoots #FictionalGuyFebruary and share your thoughts!


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