Fictional Guy February Day #7: Rule Archer from “Marked Men”

Rule ArcherIf there was ever an incarnation of every girl’s idea of the perfect rebel, it would be hard to beat tattoo artist Rule Archer from the Marked Men series. Tattooed and pierced with ever-changing colored hair and icy blue eyes, this gorgeous guy is known for his wicked temper, stubborn attitude, and reckless behavior, including plowing his way through the greater population of young women in Denver. However, underneath all that angsty, agro swagger, you’ll find it’s all a front, the result of losing his twin much too young and being cast out by parents who can’t understand him. So who is the real Rule? As his girl Shaw discovers, he’s a fierce protector, a skillful artist, and   a passionate lover who’s loyal until the end and ready to give everything he’s got. Rule will never be your typical romantic guy and there’s always going to be give-and-take, but life with him will never be boring.

Love Rule? Comment below or tweet @WriteForBoots #FictionalGuyFebruary and share your thoughts!


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