Because I Still Root for the Tree Hill Ravens: My Favorite “One Tree Hill” Etsy Finds

One Tree Hill (Image)

I think we all have that one television show-even if we don’t admit it-that defined our teenage years. For me, it was One Tree Hill. In addition to providing hours of endless drama, the show introduced me to some of my favorite bands, one of my first fictional guy crushes (looking at you, Lucas Scott), and the first female characters I was really able to relate to. The first four seasons ran through all the years of my high school experience, so, in some ways, it kind of feels like I grew up alongside these characters. I even visited Wilmington, NC a few years ago where the show was filmed. (It was pretty epic to see Peyton’s iconic Comet in the parking lot and getting to tour the Lucas’ house and Red Red Bedroom Records.)

At 25, One Tree Hill still holds a special place in my heart. When I’m feeling nostalgic, I pop in a DVD or two and binge watch my favorite episodes. I still listen and follow many of the bands featured on the show, ask myself what would Brooke and Peyton do/wear, and, yes, I still swoon over Lucas Scott.

For my fellow One Tree Hill fans, here are some of my favorite Etsy finds inspired by the Tree Hill gang.

1. Keith Scott Body Shop Hoodie

This hoodie is an essential Tree Hill fashion staple.


Keith Scott hoodie (Keith Scott Body Shop Hoodie, $19.99, BLACKOUTTEES)

2. Haley’s Cracker Jack Box Bracelet

Who needs diamonds? In Tree Hill, nothing says love like a bracelet from a Cracker Jack box.

Cracker Jack Bracelet (Haley’s Cracker Jack Box Bracelet Prop Replica, $20.00, amandascollections1)

3. “Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music?” Quote Bracelet

This bracelet one of my favorite Peyton Sawyer quotes of all time.

il_570xN.353720817_e71q (One Tree Hill Inspirational Quote Copper Bracelet, $13.00, Lolasjewels)

4. An Unkindness of Ravens by Lucas Scott Book Locket

I still want to read Lucas’ novel, and I think One Tree Hill missed a big opportunity by not printing it. (Fun fact: The book’s title was the show’s original name.)

lucas scott book locket (One Tree Hill “An Unkindness of Ravens” Book Locket, $18.96, childhoodpendants)

5. Red Bedroom Records Wall Sign

Music was such a huge part of the One Tree Hill fabric, especially in Peyton’s journey, so it’s no surprise that Peyton ended up starting her own record label.

Red Bedroom Records (Red Bedroom Records Replica Picture Prop Drawing, $14.99, amandascollections1)

6. One Tree Hill “You Saved Me” Cosmetic Collection

This Brooke Davis approved collection inspired by One Tree Hill and the relationship of Peyton and Lucas includes six eyeshadows (Keith Scott, Comet, Sawyer’s Heart, Unkindness of Ravens, Game and Rivercourt), one highlighting powder in Sunrise, and one lipstick in Peyton.

One Tree Hill makeup (One Tree Hill You Saved Me Collection, $44.14, BrijaCosmetics)



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  1. Ah, One Tree Hill – how Ioved this show! I agree with you; I was surprised and kind of disappointed when they didn’t print Lucas’ book. I’d have definitely bought it.

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