Because You Can Never Have Enough: “Daria” Etsy Finds Part 2!

Daria and Jane quote pic (Image)

In my world, there can never be enough Daria Morgendorffer. What better way to celebrate my favorite cynical, sarcastic Doc Marten-wearing spirit animal than with another roundup of Etsy finds inspired by her and her best friend Jane Lane? Check out my new picks below.

(If you still need a Daria Etsy fix, check out my other post here.)

1. You’re the Daria to My Jane/You’re the Jane to My Daria Best Friend Bracelet Set

Because if you’re lucky enough to have a friendship like Jane and Daria, that’s really special.

Daria/Jane Best Friend Bracelets (Daria Friendship Bracelets, $40.00, EclecticRedsDallas)

2. Daria “I’m Overcome With Emotion” Greeting Cards

Whether it’s a birthday, a baby or the holidays, let Daria help you convey you’re well wishes in her special way.

Daria Christmas Card (Daria Funny Christmas Card, $3.75, perksofaurora)

3. Jane Lane Fan Club Brooch

From her clothes to attitude, there was no girl in Lawndale cooler than Jane Lane.

Jane Lane pin (Jane Lane Fan Club Brooch, $5.00, exgirlfriends)

4. Sick Sad World Pillow

This accent pillow brings some 1990’s edge to any room.

Sick Sad World pillow (Sick  Sad World Pillow, $25.00, LiquidOddity)

5. Daria Morgendorffer is My Spirit Animal Bracelet

She just is.

Daria Bracelet (Customizable Daria Bracelet, $20.00, EclecticRedsDallas)


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