Looking for Some New Tunes? Check Out Beth Crowley’s “Porcelain Heart”

Beth Crowley (Image)

Lately, I’ve been listening to Beth Crowley album Porcelain Heart on repeat on my iPod, and I have to say I’m completely addicted.

I discovered Crowley when I first got into The Mortal Instruments series  couple of years ago and stubbled upon a lyric video for her song “Warrior” which was inspired by the book series. I was impressed how she beautifully she captured the spirit  of the main character Clary’s struggle to learn the ways of her shadow hunter heritage and her burgeoning feelings for the mysterious Jace. (TMI fans loved the song so much there have been campaigns to get it on the soundtrack if any more of the books get made into films.) As I clicked through various videos, I soon discovered a whole collection of book inspired tunes. Among them are “Pretend It’s Home” inspired by Divergent, “My Good Days” inspired by The Fault in Our Stars, “Skin and Bones” inspired by The Infernal Devices, “This Goodbye” inspired The Hunger Games, and her second Mortal Instruments song “How It Ends.” Crowley has a real gift for translating the essence of a piece of literature into heartfelt lyrics and melodies.

Crowley’s 2014 debut album Porcelain Heart beautifully weaves all of these story-based tracks along with a few non-book related pieces that will tug a your heart strings and touch something in your soul. Who knows? Maybe it will become the soundtrack to your life.

Check out Crowley’s song “Warrior” below.



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