Meet Race Hartman: Jay Crownover’s “Better When He’s Bold” Cover Revealed!

Better When He's Bold

(Pre-order at here.)

After months of waiting, Jay Crownover has finally released the cover art for next book in her Welcome to the Point series Better When He’s Bold. The cover features an image of main character Race Hartman in all his badass blonde hair and green-eyed glory.

I’ve been fascinated by Race since he popped up in the series’ first novel He’s Better When He’s Bad. Smooth, savvy and all around sexy, Race is rising to power as the kingpin of the broken kingdom that is the inner-city streets of the Point. Like the contrast on the cover of a his finely pressed suit against the graffitied wall, Race is a myriad of contradictions and just the type of leading man I want to spend my my lunch breaks with. I’m excited to watch his story unfold and find out how far he’s willing to go to say on top when he has so much he could possibly lose. I also can’t wait to see him go toe-to-toe fiesty Brysen Carter, as he tries to charm his way into her heart while protecting her against an unknown threat. I have a feeling she’s not going to make any of that easy.

Sadly, this is the only taste of Race we’ll be getting for a while. Better When He’s Bold is set to be released until the beginning of February. (Don’t worry if you need a Crownover fix though. Her next Marked Men novel Rowdy hits shelves October 21.)

For now, we can only dream about what kind of trouble Race is going to stir up. If the glint in his eye is any indication, it’s going to be one wild and steamy ride.

And they say you can’t you can’t judge a book by its cover.


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