Go Back To Bayside With These Awesome “Saved By The Bell” Etsy Finds

Saved By The Bell


It’s been two decades since the show ended, and we still haven’t gotten over our obsession with the Bayside gang from Saved By The Bell. Silly, sweet and often sappy, Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and Mr. Belding gave us hilarious hijinks and heartfelt moments all wrapped up in an innocent squeaky clean package. And, thanks to syndication, Saved By The Bell continues to find new fans as the years go on. (My 14 year-old and 11 year-old cousins are both big fans of the show.)

Now Lifetime is is taking us back to Bayside with The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story premiering tonight at 9/8 c. Filled with tons of cheesy drama and teenage angst on Lifetime can bring us, the movie pulls back the curtain on all the drama among the young stars as they are trying to cope with their mega-stardom while maintaining their squeaky clean personas. (The film is rumored to be loosely based on the tell-all book written by Screech portrayer Dustin Diamond.)

Get into the Bayside spirit with the Saved By The Bell items from Etsy guaranteed to take you to the head of the class.

1. Zack Morris Status T-Shirt

Sure Slater may have been the quarterback, but the ladies were all about Zack and his phone. This trendsetter knew cellphones were cool before everyone else did.

Zack Morris Status T-Shirt

(Zack Morris Status T-Shirt, $9.96, VBShirtShop)

2. Jessie Spano Coffee Mug

Really is there any Saved By The Bell scene more iconic than Jessie freaking out on caffeine pills? I think not.

Jessie Mug

(I’m So Excited Coffee Mug, $16.00, PerksOfAurora)

3. Screech and Lisa Card

If you love another person more than Screech loved Lisa, you must love them a lot. Like a lot.

screech and lisa card

(Screech and Lisa Love Greeting Card, $3.00, Paperkeet)

4. Zack and Kelly Pendant

Sure Slater was nice, but we were all rooting for Zack and Kelly to find their way to each other in the end. Their up-and-down relationship is still the stuff of television romance legends to this day.

Zack and Kelly Necklace

(Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski Wood Pendant, $8.00, Woodfellers)

5. The Buddy Band

Remember that episode where the gang went into competition with each other to see who could sell the most friendship bracelets as part of a school project? Now you get your hands on your very own replica in colors inspired by your favorite Saved By The Bell Character.

Zack Buddy Band

(The Zack Buddy Band, $3.50, purplerose23)


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