“A” Has a Message: Check Out All the Pretty Little Liars Merch on Etsy

PLL Cast


It’s been a crazy season on Pretty Little Liars. Alison returned to Rosewood turning all the liars’ lives upside down as she dragged them into her lies about kidnapped for the last few years. Mona created an underground army of people who had been tortured by Alison to take her down. Caleb turned back up with a whole host of issues from his time in Ravenswood. Spencer’s parents split and her sister Melissa burst back on the scene with some secrets of her own. Emily hit a snag in her relationship with Paige and was hit hard with her feelings for BFF Alison. Aria dealt with Ezra drama and the aftermath of killing former A Shauna in self-defense. Hanna went through an identity crisis, giving herself a bad girl makeover, skipping class and messing around in alcohol.

Oh, and A continued their reign of terror targeting both the girls and the newly returned Alison.

With all the drama in the last few weeks, the upcoming summer finale is bound to be a roller coaster of twist and turns that will keep all of us PLL fans on the edge of our seat and staring countdowns for when the next season starts.

Can’t get enough PLL? Check out these PLL inspired cool creations from Etsy. (I’m sure the liars Approve.)

1. “What Would Spencer Hastings Do?” Wall Art

Every PLL fan knows when you find yourself in a sticky situation, always ask WWSHD.

What Would Spencer Do?

(What would Spencer Hastings Do Wall Print, $15.00, TheTrendySparrow)

2. The PLL Boys Necklace

Whether you’re a Caleb, Toby, Ezra or Jason, you can keep your favorite Rosewood heartthrob close with this pendant.

PLL Boy Necklace

(Pretty Little Liars Boy Pendant, $4.31, kazmarzjez)

3. Jenna Marshall Inspired Candle Luminary

Remember when blind Jenna tried her hand at pottery? Now you can own a replica of Jenna’s creation. (Hey, she did make some pretty candle holders.)

Jenna Candle Luminary

(Pretty Little Liars Candle Luminary Patio, $35.00, fineartstoneware)

4. Aria’s Spider Pendant

Wanna look like a pretty little liar? Steal some of Aria’s signature quirky style with this replica of her spider pendant.

Aria Spider Necklace

(Black Spider LG Pendant Necklace, $68.00, MariannaHarutunian)

5. PLL Ship Necklaces

Show your favorite PLL couple some love with one of these necklaces. (Multiple couples available in two styles.)

Spoby necklace

(Pretty Little Liars Inspired Scrabble S, $9.95, DreamWeaverDesigns)

Haleb Necklace

(Pretty Little Liars Inspired Haleb Ship Necklace, $9.95, DreamWeaverDesigns)



  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I am so crazy flattered to see that you featured my “What Would Spencer Hastings Do?” art print! She is definitely the best! I’m also sharing this blog post on my facebook fan page 🙂

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