Etsy Finds: Because Boys In Books Are Better…They Just Are

Book Heart


Whether it’s Christian Grey in from Fifty Shades of Grey, Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games, Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments, or one of the guys of the Marked Men series, we just can’t get enough of the guys that inhabit the pages of our favorite bestsellers. Once something hidden behind closed doors, the popularity of young adult series like Twilight and new adult romances, crushing on fictional protagonists has gone from taboo to mainstream. Women everywhere, myself included, are rocking their love for boys in books loud and proud. Hey, with the broad spectrum of genres on the shelves right now, how can you not fall in love with at least one boy in a book? (Or two or three?)

Want to show off your dedication to your favorite book beau? Check out the awesome Etsy finds below, because boys in books are just better.

1. The Basic

Straight to the point, there is no mistaking your type of guy.

 Boys in Books Tee

(Boys in Books are Just Better V-Neck Shirt, $14.99, AnchorHeartBows)

2.  The Cinderella

Featuring every girl’s first fictional book boyfriend: Prince Charming.

Cinderella Book Tee

(Boys Are Better in Books Funny Novelty Tee, $22.00, Ravenchicstudio)

3. Geek: The Real Definition

Let your greek flag fly! (Well, hang it on your wall.)

Book Geek Wall Art

(Geek Having More Crushes Wall Art, $12.00, WrongButtonCrafts)

4. True (Book) Love

Because true love knows no bounds…or, you know, realities.

Fictional Character Necklace

(I Don’t Care If He’s a Fictional Character Pendant, $12.95, NorthStarPendants)

5. The Versatile

With the ability to have it made into a necklace, keychain, ring or a pair of earrings, this colorful scrabble tile says so much in so many ways.

Help Book Necklace

(In Love With a Fictional Character Scrabble Tile, $7.95, SassyScrabbleShoppe)


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