The Marked Men Series Author Jay Crownover Reveals Her Next Series!

marked men series


As if the upcoming October release of her Marked Men novel Rowdy wasn’t enough, new adult author Jay Crownover gave fans even more to look forward to today by revealing the title of her next series will be Saints of Denver in a Facebook post. Crownover also pens the Marked Men, which revolves the complex and heavily tatted bad boys of a Denver tattoo shop, and Welcome to the Point, the story of the bad guys who inhabit the inner city neighborhood the Point.

Saints of Denver shares the same name as the tattoo shop opened at the end of the most recent Marked Men novel Nash, so its safe to assume this series will revolve around lives and loves of the new crew of artists and their friends. I’m excited that we’ll get to see the inside of the new tattoo shop, especially since this means there is a possibility for a few cameos from our favorite marked men. (Hey girl can dream.) We’ll also get a new crop of tattooed hotties with tarnished hearts to swoon over. While she didn’t give any specifics, she did reveal a few tidbits about one of the hunks to be on the lookout for next year. He’s a motorcycle-riding lawyer with control issues and a whole lot of attitude. (If he’s anything like her previous leading men, there’s sure to be something lurking underneath all of his rough edges.) No word on his leading lady yet, but I’m sure she’ll have a few edges of her own.

I, for one, am super excited for Crownover’s Saints of Denver. I loved everything about the Marked Men and thoroughly enjoyed her first novel in Welcome to the Point. I’ll admit I was skeptical to pick up a copy of her books as they technically fall under the category of romance. (I actually bought her book Rule only because I thought the guy on the cover was hot.) However, Crownover won me over with her complex characters and story lines, her dual first-person narrative structure, and her ability to create chemistry between two people that is simply to hot to ignore. The gorgeous guys that grace the covers of her books, and the music playlists she includes at the end of each novel  only make me fall even harder for her works.

So, as Crownover ends so many of her books: the Saints of Denver’s story to be continued.

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