All That Bling:5 Key Gatsby-Inspired Pieces From Tiffany & Co.

Like any other fashion-obsessed girl, I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with Tiffany & Co. My first fashion splurge was a sterling silver bracelet and necklace from their Notes collection purchased at the iconic Fifth Avenue address. So when I heard that Tiffany & Co. would not only be teaming up with The Great Gatsby to bring the classic novel to the screen I couldn’t help but be excited.

The decision to collaborate with Tiffany & Co. stemmed from the fact that the book’s author F. Scott Fitzgerald was a customer of the jewelry company during his lifetime, according to a Vogue interview with Catherine Martin the film’s production/costume designer. 

“Tiffany allowed us to have extensive access to their archives,” shares Martin in the interview. “We not only used archival pieces…but also they allowed us to recreate pieces that were drawings within their archives.”

Tiffany & Co. has taken this collaboration one step further and made several pieces available for purchase through their exclusive Great Gatsby and Ziegfeld collections. These beautiful pieces let you transform yourself into a real-life Daisy and own a little piece of this epic film.

Here are my top picks from the exclusive Tiffany & Co./Great Gatsby collaboration collection. Don’t forget to go see The Great Gatsby out in theaters now.   

1. Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Tassel Necklace

To me, this represents the merging of old and new money that was a big part of the novel’s story. It’s a classic piece, but with embellishments that make more than just your average pearl strand.

Tiffany & Co. Pearl Necklace

($1,200, Tiffany & Co.)

2. The Great Gatsby Collection Daisy Hand Ornament

I’m a sucker for the bracelet-and-ring combo. Where many are sleek and tough, this luxe one is a glamourous and girly with a beautiful pairing of pearls and diamonds and the detail of the daisy in the hand portion.

Tiffany & Co. Hand Ornament

($75,000, Tiffany & Co.)

3. Ziegfeld Collection Cuff Links

Okay, cuff links may not give you the same feelings of jewelry lust as a diamond ring, but I’m a sucker for this set replicated from the movie. I love how the monogram of Jay Gatsby was incorporated in subtle yet impactful way to make these a real class act.

Tiffany & Co. Cuff Links

($350, Tiffany & Co.)

4. The Great Gatsby Collection Diamond Flower Ring

One really cool thing about this collection is the flower motif that runs through it in honor of the film’s leading role Daisy. This beautifully crafted, opulent ring is an over-the-top incarnation of that. Plus, I love the loose resemblance it bears to the ring Smith gave Samantha in Sex and the City: The Movie.

Tiffany & Co. Flower Ring

($875,000, Tiffany & Co.)

5. The Great Gatsby Collection Headpiece

Hands down, this is my favorite design in the entire collection. Set to become one of the most iconic pieces in the film, there is just something about it that is in one breath vintage and in another modern. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing variations of this for seasons to come.

Tiffany & Co. Headpiece

($200,000, Tiffany & Co.)


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