Cool Store Alert: 5 Reasons We Heart Smak Parlour

(Image: Smak Parlour)

During a recent trip to the City of Brotherly Love, we stumbled upon Philadelphia’s best-kept shopping secret. Located at 219 Market Street, Smak Parlour was founded by best friends Abby and Katie back in 2005 who dreamed of having a boutique of their own. Their dream established on of Philly’s best fashion paradises.

Here are five reasons you must make a visit to Smak Parlour the next time you’re in Philadelphia:

1. The store is absolutely adorable.

When you walk into Smak Parlour, you’ll feel like you stepped into an amazing grown-up version of a dollhouse. With pink walls, vintage-style wallpaper and furniture, and dresses displayed in frames, it’s worth making the trek just to see the fashionably funky store interior.

(Image: Visit Philly)

2. They carry clothes and accessories that are truly unique.

Infusing ultra feminine prints, colors and cuts with edgy rock-and-roll flair, Smak Parlour is the place to find clothes and accessories that will make you stand out in a crowd. Their Skull Lace Print Dress pictured below already hangs in our closet, and we love their Keyhole Polka Dot Dress, Very Veronica Sun Dress and Dollface Dress. Our favorite accessories? Top our list is their Purple and Sea Urchin & Bullet NecklaceAwesome Record Earrings and Lightweight Skull Print Scarf.

(Image: Smak Parlour)

3. They are more than just clothes and accessories.

Smak Parlour not only offers a great selection of clothes and accessories, but they also carry an array of chic things for your home and a vast selection of non-fiction fashion and art books. A few of our favorites include the Shake’n Polish salt and pepper shaker set pictured below, Hollywood Curtain Frame and DIY Fashion book.

 (Image: Smak Parlour)

4. The prices are really reasonable.

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: Small boutique in the city=high prices. While some items do get pretty close to the $100 mark, you can easily find something in the $40-$60 range with some jewelry and home pieces priced as low as $10. Smak Parlour lets you splurge without breaking your budget.

5. They have an official website!

Don’t live near Philadelphia? No problem! Smak Parlour has a website where you can purchase many of the items that can be found in the store and have them shipped directly to your door.


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