Sick Sad Style: 6 Looks Modeled After the Characters of MTV’s Daria

(Image: IMDB)

Even though it was a cartoon, we loved the different fashions of MTV’s Daria, and, almost a decade later, we still do. Now, that MTV has decided to re-air select episodes this August, we’ve broke out our DVD collection and analyzed the style several characters, taking them from the literal drawing board to the real world.

Here are six looks inspired by our favorite Daria characters:

1. Daria

Sardonic, sarcastic and cynical, Daria marched to the beat of her own drum, shunning societal conventions and opting to create her own unique look. Capture her rebellious style with a distressed black skirt, long sleeve thermal and leather jacket. Don’t forget a pair of knee-high combat boots. They are a Daria staple.

(Image: Polyvore)

2. Jane

Daria’s best friend and self-proclaimed tortured artist, Jane was Daria’s kindred spirit in Lawndale. Get Jane’s hipster-chic style by pairing a black tee and black denim shorts with wool tights and a red flannel shirt. Add a pair of combat boots and sleek metal half-hoop earrings. You’ll look like you stepped right out of Lawndale.

(Image: Polyvore)

3. Quinn

Fashion-obsessed and boy-crazy, it’s hard to believe that Quinn was Daria’s sister. (Not that Quinn would ever admit to it.) Embody Quinn’s look with a pair of stylish skinny jeans, a fun pink tank (like the one below) and some sparkly heels. Add some on-trend accessories and you’ll be ready for a big night out.

(Image: Polyvore)

4. Jodie

Student council president, straight-A student and a member of more clubs and organizations than she could count, Jodie was actually one of the few people other than Jane who understood Daria’s unique perspective on the world. Her look is classic and lady-like with a soft pink top and a gray pencil skirt. Dainty gold accessories and heeled loafers to complete the look.

(Image: Polyvore)

5. Brittany

She may not have been the smartest girl on the planet, but Brittany made up for it in school spirit. Channel your inner Brittany with a yellow mini and a lady-like blue top to mimic her cheerleading uniform without looking like you’re in costume. Finish off with simple pumps and dainty accessories for a classically chic look.

(Image: Polyvore)

6. Sandi

The President of the Fashion Club/Quinn’s frienemy, Sandi was known for being a master at manipulating the other members of the Fashion club    and her infamous phrase “Gee Quinn…” Add a little Sandi to your wardrobe with a cobalt cowlneck top and a chic pair of boyfriend trousers. Finish off with shoes and accessories in similar shades of blue. Your accessory coordination is guaranteed to earn you a spot in the Fashion Club.

(Image: Polyvore)



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