Retro MTV: 5 Things We (Still!) Love About The Hills

(Image: IMDB)

The Hills will go down as one of television’s guiltiest pleasures, the show you would never admit you watched. For six seasons, we followed Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, Whitney, and the gang as they loved, lost and lived in Los Angeles. Now, you can relieve all the backstabbing and betrayal this summer. MTV has decided to break open their vault and reply the entire series.

In honor of MTV’s rerunning of The Hills, here are the five things that kept us tuning in week after week:

1. The non-drama drama

With the exception of a few choice episodes, nothing really happened. Ever. All they ever really did was talk, go out to clubs, talk, look pretty, talk, cry, talk, and stare intensely at each other. Did we mention talk? Yet, every episode was filled with some unknown tension that kept us glued to our screens. Again, we never actually saw it, but they did always talk about it and that was enough for us.

2. The soundtrack

Okay, some may argue The Hills played a large role of transforming MTV from “Music Television” to “Reality Television.” However, it was probably the last time MTV truly incorporated music into one of their shows. The artist and the name of the song would come up at the bottom of the screen, and this opened the door for the channel to introduce its viewers to new artists.

3. The insanity that was Spedi

She was a blond-haired beauty with stars in her eyes. He was the guy with a flesh-colored beard who stole her heart. Together, they became the most infamously annoying couple in pop culture history we all wished would just go away. However, you can’t deny how entertaining it was to watch Spencer and Heidi’s wacky courtship and never-ending feud with Lauren. (We still want to know what that feud was all about.)

4. Brody Jenner

Before Kim K. and her little video made the world want to keep up with Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s son was stealing hearts as Lauren’s on-again/off-again fling and consummate best guy friend. We loved his laid-back personality, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and fierce loyalty to Lauren. Oh yeah, he wasn’t bad to look at either.

5. Lauren’s mascara

Never before has one singular beauty product been featured so prominently in a leading role on television. With all the crying that went on, you’d think Lauren and the girls would have invested in something a bit more waterproof. The again, it just wouldn’t be The Hills without those iconic mascara tears.


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