Officer Cutie: 5 Reasons Why Blue Bloods’ Jamie Reagan May Be Television’s Perfect Fictional Man

(Image: The Will Estes Fan Page)

We may have started watching Blue Bloods on CBS for Donnie Wahlberg’s character Detective Danny Reagan, but it’s little brother Jamie Reagan (played by Will Estes) that keeps us tuning in week after week. A rookie trying to learn the ropes, Jamie is the newest cop in the family under the command of New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan(played by Tom Selleck), who’s also happens to be his dad.

So what is it about Jamie Reagan that has us claiming him as television’s perfect fictional man? Read on and see a few of the reasons why we don’t mind spending our Friday nights with him.

1. He has a good heart.

No matter what, Jamie always strives to do the right thing. The moral compass of the Reagan family, he sees the very best in people and believes there is a great amount of good in the world. He loves hard and often puts those he loves above himself. On the streets and in his personal life, Jamie just wants to make a difference and do something that matters.

2. He’s smart. Like, really smart.

A graduate of Harvard Law, he’s well-spoken with an ability to see issues from all sides. During family dinners, he provides the bridge between the interrogation room and the court room, much to the charagin of big brother Danny. Sure, some may claim he wasted his intelligence when he decided to join the police force, but he is proving that his in-depth legal knowledge sets him apart from other cops on the beat.

3. He’s down to earth.

Jamie may have had a Rolls Royce education, but he didn’t let it go to his head. He still wears his jeans and t-shirts, works on his car when the weather is warm and tosses back a few beers with the rest of the Reagan men. He spends Sundays with his family, laughs with his partner and isn’t above make a self-deprecating mark or two. Jamie knows where he came from, and, although he’s gotten older and wiser, he is still a Brooklyn boy at heart.

4. He doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Whether he’s going a few rounds (shirtless!) in the ring with his boxing coach or going deep undercover with the mob, Jamie has proven time and again that he’s no wimp. He handles himself well under pressure and, usually, he can keep his Irish temper in check. He’s the type of guy who will make you feel safe, but you don’t have to worry about him doing anything rash. (Most of the time.)

5. He’s cute. Plain and Simple.

Jamie’s not the standard primetime hunk, but that’s why we love him. With his playful half-smile and expressive eyes, he could easily be the boy next door. Honestly, what more could you ask for?



  1. He is like the sweet kid next door but has the street smarts to challenge any neighborhood gangs or disputes! I just love his incredible loyalty and respect which obviously learned at an early age!

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