Trilogy Treats: 4 Reasons to Pick Up a Copy of The Hunger Games

(Image: Barnes & Noble)

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? Love to cook?  The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook by Emily Ansara Baines ($12.35, Barnes & Noble) is the book for you. With over 150 recipes for delicious dishes featured in Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, this is the perfect addition to library.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook is worth checking out.

1. You’ll get insight into what is really in those dishes Suzanne Collins described in her trilogy.

Ever wonder what is really in Katniss’ favorite lamb stew, the decadent Capitol dishes or Greasy Sae’s specialties from the Hob? Finally, all your burning questions will be answered.

2. You’ll be able to recreate your favorite Hunger Games treats in your own kitchen.

With ingredient lists and step-by-step recipes, you’ll be able to cook like Katniss, bake like Peeta and recreate all of the treats loved by the citizens of Panem. All you need is to go and pick up everything you need…or hunt it with your bow and arrow. (If you can get your own personal Gale to get for you, even better!)

3. It’s an interesting read even if you don’t cook.

Not only is this a great cookbook, but it is also a great literary companion to the book series. With intros that cleverly link dishes to various characters and events, it’s fun just to see how integral food is to the story of The Hunger Games.

4. You’ll learn how to properly cook a squirrel.

Come on, you know you’re curious.

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